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This is the Working Obituary for the project:

Dr Cadence Anne Mackarthur, 61

Dr. Cadence Anne Mackarthur, 61,  was laid to rest at Theopolis Chapel at Theopolis College today.  She was President of the college for the past 18 years, moving from the post of Vice President of Academic Affairs. Before that, she served as a tenured professor of Sociology at Theopolis College.

To say that Dr. Mackarthur was important to the college and its continued success would be to greatly understate the role of Dr. Mackarthur.  She was the essence of everything that made Theopolis special.  She was a strong and passionate leader, and a powerhouse fundraiser. Under her leadership, Theopolis grew from 5,500 full-time students to over 8,000 students–many of them drawn to the college by new buildings, infrastructure, and innovative programs in arts, sciences, and technology.

Dr. Mackarthur grew up in Roanoke, Virginia, graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Virginia with a degree in Sociology, and took her job at Theopolis college soon after receiving her Ph.D.  She was well-known in her field, writing several books and contributing to the field of Sociology, especially in the area of Deviance, Law, and Social Control.  

She was engaged to be married soon after she began her career at Theopolis, but her fiance was, tragically, killed in an accident only days before her wedding.  She swore she would never love another man, and she died unmarried.

Dr. Mackarthur will be buried on campus in the cemetery adjacent to Theopolis Chapel.  She will be buried next to the grave of her dead fiance, as was her request,  She was preceded in death by her parents, Charles and Emiline Mackarthur.  Her closest relative, her sister Marne, requests that, in lieu of flowers, donations should be made to the Dr. Cadence Anne Mackarthur Memorial Scholarship fund. 

Michelle Kassorla

Michelle Kassorla the Co-Creator of the Generative Literature Project. She has a Ph.D. in Ethnic American Literatures from Bowling Green State University. She lives in Atlanta, GA. @drkassorla

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