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  1. Kwazi J. Moto is a law abiding citizen in Zmbera who makes a living selling the island-exclusive fruit, the zmberry. He lives in Zmbera with his wife, Adina, and two daughters, Kadalynn (11 years old) and Zuzana (6 years old). His wife is a teacher’s aide at the elementary school his two daughters attend, Eid Elementary School. In addition to being an honest berry picker and family man, Kwazi is also a part of the International Whaling Commission (IWC), which is the international governing body that sets rules and regulations for the well being of the whales. Because of the delicious taste of the berry, in addition to it only growing in Zmbera, the berry is sold at a reasonably high price. However, Kwazi is highly suspicious of how Zmbera became so rich from exporting virtually nothing but the Zmbera exclusive fruit. Being a man who strongly believes in his morals, he is determined to get to the bottom of where Zmbera’s wealth actually comes from. He is proud of his work and he is even more proud of his country, but he is beginning to question his role, as well as the roles of those around him, of how an island nation was able to become so affluent.

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