This is a list of Project Characters and the faculty member participants and affiliations

Rachel Behar

Mia Zamora

Kean University

[email protected]

Time Zone:  EDT

Dorian Markét

Donna King

Penn State U. [email protected] Time Zone:  EDT

O Jorgensen

Elise Takehana

Fitchburg State U. [email protected] Time Zone:  EDT

Mark Desai

Ellen Feig

Bergen Comm. Coll.
[email protected]
Time Zone: EDT

DuBois Wallis

Jason Stuart

Rock U.
[email protected]
Time Zone:  EDT

Momed Eid

Marissa Landrigan

U of Pitt. at Johnstown
[email protected]
Time Zone:  EDT

Wilbur MacIntosh

Leonardo Flores

U.of Puerto Rico: Mayagüez Campus [email protected] Time Zone: AST

Magda Mariposa

Elizabeth Switaj

Marshall Islands [email protected] Time Zone:  MHT

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