Ellen Rosner Feig, Bergen Community College




Bergen Community College

Ellen Rosner Feig is an associate professor of composition and literature at Bergen Community College in New Jersey. Much of her work focuses on the interweaving of technology with narrative including role-playing, gaming and interactive storytelling. Dr. Feig runs the Center for Peace, Justice and Reconciliation which teaches peace education and genocide studies. Ellen has been a Malaria Griot Fellow with ONE/Malaria No More, a Carl Wilkens Fellow with United to End Genocide and is currently a MetroCiti Teaching Fellow at Columbia University’s Teacher College.

Character: Mark Desai

I will be using the case study in my composition 2 class which will focus on the literature surrounding Hurricane Katrina. As a means of simulating the before/during/after of the storm, I intend to have my character live in New Orleans; accordingly, he will be faced with certain decisions that can alter his, and others’, lives. The students will read two works, Zeitoun and A.D. After the Deluge, and will use these texts as the basis for their creation of character bible, narrative and plot outlines and ultimate story. The intent of this class is to bring alive literature about a subject that was truly controversial and that set in motion discussions about race in America.


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