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Fitchburg State University


Elise Takehana, Assistant Professor of English Studies at Fitchburg State University, teaches writing, rhetoric, and cultural studies. Her chief research interests are in aesthetics, new media studies, 20th and 21st century literature, and text production. She is currently researching baroque aesthetics and their application across digital media. Previous publications include “Burroughs / Rauschenberg: Text-Image / Image-Text” in The Future of Text and Image, “Aesthetic Politics: Models of Reading, Models of Citizenship” in Journal of Contemporary Thought, and forthcoming “Neo-Baroque Computing: Interface and the Subject-Object Divide” in Radical Interface.

Character: O Jørgensen

I will be including the Generative Literature Project in my ENGL 3602 Experimental Writing course. Students are largely upperclassmen in the English Studies or Communications Media program. While we will be reading about narratology, new media in literature, and performance, students will be producing material for the Generative Literature Project. They will continue to produce artifacts into our later work in constraint writing and appropriated and found literature. The course is a creative writing workshop that endeavors to encourage play with language and rediscover the flexibility of language as a medium. As many of my students as anxious about digital technologies in their literature, I hope this project will allow them the opportunity to peer into a future of literature and write my outline for me without having to face the programming work head on. Hopefully this experience will motivate many to continue on in producing digital literary texts.

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