The Generative Literature Project is Live!

Generative Literature Project, Update #1

∗∗  SEE THIS ARTICLE IN HYBRID PEDAGOGY ∗∗ It’s Fall in the Little Hamlet of Theopolis, Maryland.  The Murder of College President, Cadence Mackarthur, has not happened, Theopolis College hasn’t yet made public their choice of ten “Distinguished Centennial Alumni,” and Theopolis College is only just now making plans for their 100th …

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The Generative Literature Project Blog

This blog is about the creation of The Generative Literature Project.  It is a space for project participants to share their experience, theorize, and reflect upon the process of creating a Crowdsourced Gamified Digital Novel.

Welcome to the Generative Literature Project!

Murder: Chalk Outline by AJ Cann

The Generative Literature Project is a Crowdsourced Gamified Digital Novel about a murder. In the first phase of the project, which will take place Fall Semester 2014, ten creative writing professors and their students–from the US, The Marshall Islands, and Puerto Rico–will complete a series of artifacts about and around …

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