Theopolis College and Cadence Mackarthur’s Calendars

Calendars for Theopolis College and Cadence Mackarthur | The Generative Literature Project

“Calendar Numbers” by Kyle Van Horn via Flicker Creative Commons

These are the calendars for Cadence Mackarthur and Theopolis College.  If your class wants your character to be part of an activity at Theopolis, or if you would like to see an activity planned so that your character can comment or Tweet about it, please let us know and we will add it to one or both calendars!

Theopolis College | Fall 2014

Cadence Mackarthur | President’s Calendar

Michelle Kassorla

Michelle Kassorla the Co-Creator of the Generative Literature Project. She has a Ph.D. in Ethnic American Literatures from Bowling Green State University. She lives in Atlanta, GA. @drkassorla

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